Director's statement

before I entered the immersive arena, I vowed to become an artist that creates powerful experiences to help children grow. Raised practicing Hindu and Buddhist Spiritual philosophy, I found myself impassioned to teach the complexity of mindfulness through observation and experience. With Avaloki, I hope to tap into VR’s potential to simulate these life teachings. In this pilot chapter, to understand how protecting the ones you love is never as simple as it seems. 

The interactive film unearths a power yet to be seen in VR storytelling: creating an active dialogue between the user and the story’s characters. This not only puts the user at the forefront of the narrative, but fully realizes the medium’s established ability to create an emotional responsibility for these characters. Its interactive design begs the user’s curiosity, which will awe them with a beautifully realized world.


Creating the Set

The dark, moonlit and tundra set of Avaloki is actually a tiny, real-world cave in the desert terrain of Red Rock, California. The director and producer shot, captured and rendered the cave using photogrammetry technology with the help of xRez Studio. After applying layers of post processing effects we achieved our final look.

Creating the 'Memories'

Our Tilt Brush 'memory' sequences are the culmination of months of intensive research on traditional Japanese woodblock paintings blended with Hindu Buddhist symbology. Created by our Art Director and Tilt Brush illustrator, Estella Tse, and animated by our director, Priyam Parikh, the look captures the key visual elements of 2D Hokusai-inspired art into an immersive 3D scroll. The intricate patterns around the scroll and in the dome is inspired by symbols such as the Dharmachakra, Bodhi Tree and Lotus flower.